Wholesale insoles

wholesale insoles image2How many times have you seen a store’s insoles made with plastic, synthetic material?

There, you see exactly what FAIT Adriatica doesn’t do.

First of all, FAIT Adriatica does not propose you wholesale insoles with inferior materials or damaging materials for your feet, but only leather or opanka insoles: so offers you always a 100% natural materials.






wholesale insoles

Second, FAIT Adriatica offers wholesale insoles, insoles that sells to companies and distributors who serve the insoles, so the products FAIT you can never find them in a shop window, but only within another product: shoes.






In particular, the wholesale of insoles FAIT affecting the manufacturers of these products:

  • Shoes
  • Sockets
  • Sandals

FAIT Adriatica also uses the foam for wholesale insoles, because it is a very flexible material, which allows you to have a walking very soft and supple.

Major brands of shoe manufacturers made ​​in Italy have turned to FAIT Adriatica for the supply of slabs on offer, as the Italian artisan tradition is still strong and deeply rooted in the national territory. An example? A company of Milan or Turin is supplied by FAIT Adriatica, even if it is in another Italian region, Emilia Romagna. This happens because the quality still exceeds the barriers terriotriali in Italy, especially if the wholesale insoles have a recognized quality.


Here there are some pictures of FAIT wholesale insoles:




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