Fait Adriatica

An important partner for luxury footwear.

Fa.i.t. Adriatica SpA has been working in the footwear sector for over 50 years, offering its customers the professionalism of its personnel and the experience acquired working with Italy’s best footwear producers.
Here are some figures on the company:

- constant service to over 40 leading luxury footwear brands;
- 1000 different articles produced every season;
- over 2 million pairs delivered every year;
- over 400 fashion displays served.

Starting as a small woodworking company, Fa.i.t. Adriatica SpA has become a reference point for the production of leather soles, wedges, insoles, heels, etc, offering products of extremely high quality backed by excellent service.
Supplying Italy’s major shoemakers has enabled Fa.i.t. Adriatica SpA to develop an outstanding level of service and technical expertise that for many years have allowed it to be the main supplier for many internationally famous brand names.

"We know how to do it and we do it fast! This is why we’re your partner"


Fa.i.t. Adriatica SpA has been on the market since 1959, and 50 years in the sector of components for the footwear industry have allowed us to constantly expand our skills.

We now work continuously for more than 40 brands.


Our own expert specialists carry out constant and concrete research into finishes and methods, but we also involve university centres in our development of innovative processes.

Over the last five years, three new production departments have been opened, and two exclusive new products have been launched.


The exceptionally high level of our clientele has allowed us to develop every single product we make and to offer it with outstandingly high levels of service.

We can supply our products singly or create all components starting from the basic last, with significant time savings for customers, able to work with just a single one-stop supplier.



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