Wholesale shoe soles

wholesale shoe solesFAIT Adriatica is meeting your needs, customizing all the soles of shoes you are looking for: the lengths and standard shapes do not exist in the philosophy and practice in production on FAIT Adriatica. If looking for a particular material for the construction of the wholesale shoe soles (that escapes from the standard fees: namely skin, leather, plastic or foam), FAIT supports you in the choice of alternative materials, with a supporting you careful advice and proactive.


If you are looking for the non-standard sizes:

  • Enter the quantity you want to get a quote for any variation of size, color, length, etc.. Think of the myriad of applications that can have the soles sold wholesale to the real producers and sells bulls of shoes:
  • Boots
  • High-heeled shoes
  • neckline
  • and many other models of footwear.



wholesale shoe solesSee all women's shoes in our online catalog: you can find shoes made ​​of different materials and in many colors fashion, accessories and applications, shoes suitable for all occasions and for the ladies, and for the younger ones.

To take advantage of offers and promotions, please register on our shop and ask for info and prices for wholesalers and retailers on the models of women's wholesale shoe soles.



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