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What materials can use FAIT Adriatica for insoles manufacturing?

What are the materials that an insoles manufacturer have to use for your foot walk in the shoe comfortably, any shoe is it?

The main materials are:

  • Leather
  • Animal Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Foam: use of very recent, is able to overcome the shock of the foot in flooring or in rough inclined planes.
  • Silicone: a security. Allows you to work the shape of the slab with great ease, reaching the insole shape that were unthinkable just 10 years ago.

insoles manufacturers


What processes have to follow a good insoles manufacturer to package a product that is really valid?

The processes are industrialized, that is a standard procedure for the final production of the insole: it follows an iter that allows the creation of the mold and of various sizes (according to the order) requested by the customer, you choose the material which will be packaged with the insole and then series production starts.

The final product is, however, unique in its kind, especially when the measures are chosen and customizations.


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Advantages of the slabs/insoles proposed by the manufacturer FAIT Adriatica

  1. The insoles made ​​from natural materials allow the transpiration of the foot for long distances; in particular, the insoles in natural leather (cuoio) guarantee high transpiration because of the skin is treated and processed so as not to sweat the foot.
  2. The concrete insole foam allow the foot to fit the shoe: the foam of the latest generation has a "memory", ie maintain the shape of the foot in the following, in addition, the foam "para shots", avoiding trauma to the foot and ligaments the heel and the calf of the leg.


Here it is an imagegallery of insoles manufacturers products:



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