Shoe soles manufacturer

The manufacturers of shoe soles have their center in Italy. Italy is the European country where quality of the manufacturing industry is very high, 'cause the artisan tradition has its roots in ancient times. The gestures of the oldest manufacturers of soles has been passed to date with all the staff of "FAIT Adriatica", that always the sole head before reselling them to its customers outstanding. Important customers because the customers are fashion houses, high quality soles boutiques made ​​in Italy.

FAIT Adriatica is also a manufacturer of artistic soles, a collaboration with Italian artists and designers: the choice of colors, textures and patterns are all imprinted in the sole, which thus became a "unique piece" of the shoe: who will wear the shoe and those who will resell a product with added value.

Upper internal and external are perfectly sewn, with the help of machinery, but with the final touch that is manual, because the human supervision is basic requirement for having a sole quality really guaranteed.

The Asian products one thousand miles away from the production of soles Fait Adriatica for all the reasons stated above:

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